Nocra Explains Why She's a Black Talon

Saturday, July 31, 2010

[2010/07/30 23:40] Stirling Warblood: /me listened to the womans words as she spoke and he felt deep down they were true. "Tell me..." he said in a hushed voice, almost a whisper but loud enough to reach her ears clearly... "What should i do with you? You are a Mamba, yet in the stories i heard, they lived in forests hidden away from man and rumors rarley came about you. Yet i find you..." He said before pausing momentarily... "In a walled village, with armed men and women who wear clothes... This leads me to beleive that you are lieing to me." He said, his right hand moving to his shoulder and gripping the hilt of his sword. Pulling the sword from its sheath, the metal making that pitches scrapping noise until it was freed and he held it out infront of him, placing the tip into the ground and resting his palm upon the hilt... "I am Alar, an Honorable and Generous people. We do not like being lied to. Prove to me you are Mamba, Surley you have a way to do so." he said, his blue eye locked into hers.

[2010/07/30 23:49] Nocra Neuman: /me "My people too are honorable.", she replied earnestly, "I shall do two things to prove to you what I am. First, I shall show you my weapon....only the teeth of mamba are filed at pubery once our baby teeth have been abandoned. It is a custom and there are celebrations for such things. It is a childs rite into adulthood among my people." She curled back her lips exposing the rim of teeth filed to sharpened points to prove her statement then continued, "As for why I live with the is a lengthy tale but one I share freely." And so she began after taking a deep breath, explaining in detail her history and how she had come to be accepted by the Black Talons. "I was born of merchant caste but with a birth defect called Aniridia, which makes my eyes black and processes light that of a nocturnal creature. My parents thought it to be an omen and were traveling to the jungles of schendi when I was only an infant. They had heard there was a man there who might tell them what it may mean.
[2010/07/30 23:50] Nocra Neuman: On the way my fathers caravan was attacked and they were slain. After the battle a tribe of mamba found the bodies...and me, still alive bundled in a basket. The alpha took me in most likely due to my eyes. Mamba are very supersticious beings. When I grew old enough to learn the story of how I came to be among them I decided to travel and find more about where I had come from. I met a man, a pirate...and together we mated. When the child was born he stole her from me and for thirty years I hunted him to find where he had taken my belly fruit. That is when I found the Black Talon. By then she was grown and companioned to one of the elders here. Yet, they welcome me due to my blood to her. And here I have stayed since with those so different yet so alike to me. I walk the boundry between two worlds. I am a mamba but know of your customs."

[2010/07/30 23:56] Stirling Warblood: /me listened to her intently as she spoke, his palm rotating the blade in circles infront of him as he listened. When she showed him her teeth, he stared down at them, it was true that she had the teeth he had heard of. When she spoke of how she became one of the Black Talons, his hand stopped its rotation and he nodded his head once... "You show me things that prove you tell the truth. Your story sounds beleivable." he said as his right hand flipped the blade back upwards into the air and rotated his arm, sliding the blade back into its sheath. When that was done, his right hand came down, combing over his beard as he thought to himself silently... "As a Man of Gor. I should kill you for the things you do. Even if you beleive you value life more then I. It is against my own beleifs." he said before letting out a chuckle and reached his hand down between her legs, feeling her warmth just once... "But I am an Alar. I kill those i am at war with and only if i am Paid to do so. I am of a Generous and Honorable-
[2010/07/30 23:58] Stirling Warblood: /me people. So it is with that..." he said before running his hand up from between her legs to the bindings around her neck. A small dagger flipping from the arm guard he wore that slit through the fiber like nothing... "That i will release you. So that one day, perhaps... You will best me in the field, and if the time is not right, show the same to me." he said to her. His hand moving down to her ankle bindings and cutting them from her body before pushing her onto her side and cutting the bindings on her wrists.... Letting her drop back down he looked to her again... "Call it a debt you will owe me." He said with a smirk before tucking the small blade away and standing at his full height again.

[2010/07/31 00:02] Nocra Neuman: /me The moment the binds were freed she sprang to her feet and darted away before he might have a chance to change his mind. He had released her and she did not wish to press her luck considering these lands were still full of her enemies. "Thank you. I shall remember you Alar.", she called back in a cry over the wing of her shoulder looking back to him once last time before fleeing with a mild sense of direction in the way she recalled the docks being. Hopefully there she might manage to stow herself aboard a swiftly departing vessel and then worry about how to get home.

A Cannibals Guide to Co.oking

This is a book I've been working on making for some time. Once it is finished it will be fore sale in world for all you crazy mamba people to rp using. Here is a sneak peak at the cover art and some of the recipes which will be found in the book. Enjoy~ Love, Nocra

Front Cover: A Cannibals Guide to Cooking by Nocra Neuman
(Art created by me :)

Book Spine (NN stands for Nocra Neuman)

Back Cover



Pinkies in a Blanket
Peeper Pot Pie
Man Chowder
Cream of Sum Yun Gai
Deep Fried Sweetnuts
Cranium Coolers
Lady Fingers
Red Caste Rump Roast

Mamba Culture

The disciplined and dignified social structure of a Mamba homestead(umuzi) is captivating for visitors who may come witness to it without falling enemy to the flesh eaters. Customs pertaining to food and the brewing of paga, ancestoral worship and places of burial, the dress code for men, women and children, the subservience of the female mate, the role of the traditional healer (inyanga), the importance of a man's cattle, the system of compensating a father for the loss of his daughter in mating (lobola), courtship, witchcraft and superstitions.

The Amakhosi: The traditional head of a Mamba clan is the Inkosi. He is regarded by his people as a father figure - the source of their wealth and well being, the spiritual symbol of their tribe, and the man who determines the fate of his people. However, it is said that one of the Mamba villages left their Inkosi to suffer a terrible death upon the attack of marcher ants.

The Prevailing Sangoma:The traditional female of the Mamba clan who stands at the side of the Inkosi thru all trials and tribulations, be it for spiritual guidance or companionship. She may be his mate, his daughter, granddaughter, sister or other tribe female. Isangomas play a significant role and is assigned very powerful status among the society. She is regarded by her people as a mother figure - a spiritual symbol of their tribe.

The Man: The demeanor of the Mamba male is anything but kind upon the enemy. They are the grim Askari of the jungles. Expressive of a cruelty befitting hell. Vicious, quick, cunning and deceptive are only a few attributes of such males. Most diabolicaly trained Askari who were hellishly fierce protectors of their sacred grounds. It would be asinine to ever believe one of Mamba decent could or would ever be able to survive outside of the jungles, even half bloods. The caliginous depths of the jungle are the Mambas playground, their vice, .... a weapon, in itself... a way of life.

Within the walls of the stockage, few outsiders, save for truly trusted friends, would ever come to see the Mamba male's more relaxed state. He attends tribal meetings, makes all the important decisions and protects all family and property. He is also the hunter and bringer of food for his family. A man who did "women's work" like cooking or cleaning, it was thought of as weak. Some men would rather stay hungry than touch a pot to cook a meal. The only exception is that of the ritual ceremony given when an enemy falls prey to the hands of the flesh eaters. Then it would be the men who prepare the body and it is at most times cooked over a large open spit near the central fire of the village. It is very common that they feast upon raw flesh as well.

The Woman: Traditionally, women(free or slave) did the cooking and childcare. If chosen as ones mate, she is totally subservient to her mate and has full responsibility for the raising of the children, albeit the men take very active rolls raising their children too. Whether she is mated or daughter, she participates in all household activities such as cooking, cleaning.. teaching. She is not a stranger to hard work. However, in the more prosperous villages, the woman sometimes do less as the families tend to have slaves to do most of the work.

Although the female mate is subservient to her mate and the elder men of their immediate family, she is highly respected by her mate and village for her place in the family. The Mamba woman displays great strength when it comes to wisdom and independence just as the plains women, even moreso. She is arrogant to a degree but does well to remain respectful of man. She is, by no means, anything like the women of the cities. She will almost seem fearless and always full of spirit and might. She, too, like the Mamba male, could be cunning, calculating and fierce.

The Tharlarion people did not believe in collaring their women. The spirit and the fight is challenging to them, a challenge they expect, desire and thrive upon. A female can be harshly punished by way of the whip, work or other means when purposefully insolent to her mate or male elders of her family if it is warranted, but her place in the family is always cherished.

The women's weakness: Like the exotic flowers that only grow deep within the Schendi jungles, they do well there, but anywhere else, they would fail to thrive therefore can be said to be dangerously fragile. Another reason they are fiercely protected.

"In Gorean mythology, it is said that there was once a war between men and women and that the women lost, and the the Priest-Kings, not wishing the women to be killed, made them beautiful, but as the price of this gift decreed that they, and their daughters, to the end of time, would be the slaves of men." -Dancer of Gor, page 352

The Boys: They look after the cattle and play at stick fighting which prepares them for when they become of age to train as a warrior. They also learn musical instruments and dances of their choice to participate in village festivities. They help their fathers or older male siblings with chores.

The Girls: They learn household chores including carrying containers of water on their heads, weaving, beading and the tending to the elders and those younger than they. They also work alongside the women in the homes and learn the dances of their village.

"Within the stockade of the Mamba people there was much light and noise. I could hear the sounds of their musical instruments, and the pounding of their drums. Within the stockade, too, we could hear the chanting of the people and the beating of sticks, carried in the hands of dancers." ~ Explorers of Gor

The Mamba Askari(Warriors): These were the entities who lurked high above, obscure with calculating quickness. They gave life to the jungles of the sacred Mamba territory. They lurked.. waited.. watched from the lush, shadowy foliage of the jungle tops. Any moment, raining down in dozens upon unsuspecting intruders. Intruders whose remains might be found in the stockade refuse dump after a ritual ceremony of cannabalistic feast. Beware upon the grounds you wander, once the Askari are upon you, there may be no return. If one is unfortunate to come face to face one, such a grim visage would be seen. Rib cages hang ornamental over there torso like some grisly shield, tribal markings of ebony swirl in contrast to bone powder that artisans their visage in some macabre tradition.

Furs, Skins & Shields: The men wear "skins" that hang from their waists, and the kind of skin indicates the social status. For example, only the royal family and chiefs can wear larl skins. The Mamba warriors wear the tufts of bosks' tails around their upper arms and knee joints, supposedly to make them look bigger and more frightening. They also carry leather shields, which tell how experienced a warrior is by how much white is on them. Another interesting fact about their shields are the tufts of fur. When it lays to the bottom, they hunt animal. When it lays to the top, they hunt the flesh of human.

Stick Fighting: The military influence of the Mamba regime is reflected in demonstrations of stick fighting (umshiza), with which the male teenagers and men settle their personal differences in a public duel.

Cattle: There is an inner area if the stockades in which the cattle are traditionally kept. Cattle are very important to the Mambas, and a large herd is a sign of wealth, status, and power. Not only are cattle important for milk and meat, but also for paying the "lobola" or dowry for a mate, and as a sacrifice to the spirits of angry ancestors. Without cattle, a man cannot feed himself and his family, get mated, or appease angry spirits!

Eye contact: is mostly avoided of strangers, as it is thought to be provocative.

Walking: Female mates always walk behind their mates. Female children behind male children.

Meals/Food: They eat food grown in and above the ground, slaughtered bosk, kills of wildlife brought by the hunters and most importantly, they eat human flesh, as they are the cannibals of Gor. First the men are served, then the women followed by the boys and lastly the girls. The Mamba people some times eat from a common dish. Depending on the type of meal to be consumed, some people still prefer to eat by hand rather than use spoons. The family would sit on grass mats together, eating with their hands from a common bowl at times.

Cooking: In Mamba culture, general cooking is the domain of women, free or enslaved. The only exception is that of the ritual ceremony given when an enemy falls prey to the hands of the flesh eaters. Then it would be the men who prepare the body and it is at most times cooked over a large open spit near the central fire of the village. It is not uncommon that they feast upon raw flesh as well.Hence the reason for sharpened teeth.

Giving: It is custom at most times that a Mamba always pass an item or artifact to you using their right hand only. The palm of the left hand will be under the right forearm. This custom is significant, and serves to assure you that there are no hidden weapons and you have nothing to fear from them. This custom can also prove to be very misleading to outside visitors who may end up as the evenings meal.

Family & Mating: Family was extremely important to the Mamba. He choses the one who will be his mate carefully. It is common that this will be the woman he lives his life out with. The woman who will give him a son. Sometimes males will seek the help of the a village Sangoma to help him choose a mate who is seen to be fertile and able to give him a son. Therefor, the female mate is chosen mostly for her fertility, and also for her dowry and beauty.

If the woman he mates only bore him daughters or is found to be barren or unable to give him a son to carry his blood name forth to the next generation, she is looked upon as a lesser woman and if the male chooses such, she can lose her status as his mate and he may take a new mate who is believed able to give him a son. The continuing of his name is very important. The Mamba people believe that if a man dies without a son the history of the family will vanish because the daughters will get mated and leave the family. The implication is that if you have girls only, when you die you will no history behind.

When a man chooses the one who will be his mate, he must pay the woman's father with cattle. This is to compensate the father for the loss of his daughter. Should the mating not work, which is rare, the father must return some or all of the cattle. The female changes clothes often on her joining day, to show her beauty off in a variety of ways. When joining her mate, he would slaughter a bosk for her and she would put her dowry money within it. She would also give blankets as gifts to his entire family. In return, he pays the "bride price", traditionally 11 bosks.

When a young man proposes love from a woman, she gives him a gift of betrothal beads as an indication of her acceptance of him. This acceptance is usually followed by lobolo (bride price) by which the young man pays eleven bosks to the woman’s family. See Beads for further information..

Mating Ceremony: The Mamba joining ceremony takes many shapes and forms. Usually the 'bride'(for lack of better word) changes more than three times on her mating day, showing off to her 'in-laws' how beautiful she is in different colors. The ceremony takes place at the temple, and during this time the 'bride' is dressed in white. After temple the ceremony moves to the home of the 'groom'. The 'bride' changes into traditional outfit. During the traditional joining the parties from the 'bride' and the 'groom’s' side compete through dance and songs if desired.

During this ceremony the family of the 'groom' slaughters a bosk to show that they accept the 'bride' in their home. The 'bride' puts coins inside the stomach of the bosk while the guest looks on. This is a sign that she is now part of the family. The joining ceremony ends with the 'bride' giving gifts in the form of blankets to her new family, including the extended family. This tradition is called ukwaba. Even the long-deceased family members receive gifts and are represented by the living ones. The spectators ululate, sing, and dance for the family.

Beads: Beads are the pride of the Mamba nation. Mamba beadwork encompasses a symbolic language that may include reprimands and warnings, messages of love, and encouragement. Different beads carry symbolic meanings that may be used during courtship.

Bead Colors & Meanings
Color Positive Negative
Black Mating, Regeneration Sorrow, Despair, Death
Blue Fidelity, Request Ill Feeling, Hostility
Yellow Wealth, Fertility Thirst, Badness, Withering away
Green Contentment, Domestic Bliss Illness, Discord
Pink High birth or Rank, An Oath, Promise Poverty, Laziness
Red Physical Love, Strong Emotion Anger, Heartache,Impatience
White Spiritual love, purity, virginity

One of the most fascinating manifestations of this traditional craft is its unique language. Every colour has a different meaning and a Mamba women can weave a message of love, grief, jealousy, poverty or uncertainty into her patterned creation. Young Mamba girls, in particular, use the vocabulary of the beads to send sweet (or bitter) thoughts to their loved ones.

The colors and patterns of the beads worn by both mated and unmated women tell a lot, such as if the woman is of mating age, if she is intended, pregnant, or grieving.

Dancing & Singing: Dancing and singing is very much a part of the lifestyle of the Mamba people, and each dance formation or movement symbolizes an event or happening within the clan. There is the rhythmical dance of the small shield, the fiery motivation body movements of the hunting dance, the symbolizing of the tidal ebb and flow in the Umbhekuzo, the snakelike motion of the umchwayo and the challenging war dance with traditional shield and spear.


Slaves in the Mamba village are quite different than those you find outside the stockades. They are not as common or near as essential as those of the cites because the free people of the village are hard workers and do most of their own work. The slaves are taught the culture of the Mamba people and they work hard at their owners sides. They are loyal and devoted just as any slave might be and they are held to a much more strict regimen, knowing full well their fate at the spit if they fall out of favor of their owner.

Female slaves: are kept naked save for a long narrow skirt of simple brown and their breasts are sometimes painted with intricate designs. Their nipples and ears are also pierced once they have appeased the ancestors in the eyes of the Sangoma. Some owners even choose to have their slaves genitalia pierced. The female slave works hard and her place is in the home with the women and to help in the caring for the children. They also work in the fields, helping to cultivate and caring for the crops.

Male slaves: are kept naked save for either a simple loin cloth or light leathers made within the village. It depends on his status with his owner(s). He, too, will have his nipples pierced when seen worthy of such. The males work alongside the males of the village in all things save for village meetings. He, too, is called upon by the women of his village to assist in chores when he is available. They also work in the fields, helping to cultivate and caring for the crops.

"This is perhaps because many male silk slaves are chosen to be male silk slaves not because they are weak or like women, but because they are not; it is only that they are men, and often true men, who must serve women, totally, in the same fashion that a slave female is expected to serve a free master.

To be sure, it is also true, and should be admitted in all honesty, that many male silk slaves are rather feminine; some women prefer this type, perhaps because they fear true men; from such a silk slave they need not fear that they may suddenly be turned upon, and tied, and taught to be women. Most women, however, after a time, find this type of silk slave a banality and a bore; charm and wit can be entertaining, but, in time, if not conjouined with intellect and true masculine power, they are likely to wear thin. " -- Savages of Gor

The piercing of slaves is something to take pride in. As one only receives such gifts when they have proven to be completely obedient and worthy. The piercings may be removed just as easily as they are given. No slave is given title as red silk or white silk. They are there for one purpose alone, to be of service, be it for work or pleasure.

If a female is caught bedding with a kajiru that is not owned by herself or her mate(if any), she falls to the collar of the kajiru's owner.

If slaves are caught bedding one another without permission granted from their owner, they can expect to be whipped harshly and possibly even killed.

"Any free woman who couches with another's slave or readies for such, becomes , by law, herself a slave and the property of said slaves owner. " - Magicians of Gor


Tokoloshe: The Tokoloshe is believed to be a very small and evil individual. The Mamba people will raise their beds from the floor using bricks/stones so that the Tokoloshe cannot reach them. At night a knock on the door will not be answered for fear that it is the Tokoloshe.

"Goreans are extremely sensitive about names, and who may speak them. Indeed, particularly those of low caste, even have use names, concealing their true names, lest they be discovered by enemies and used to conjure spells against them." - Assassins, page 12
Witchcraft: The Mamba people believe that everything happens for a reason and bad happenings are caused by witches. Exposed witches will be put to death as well as their family. The chief will 'inherit' the belongings of the family.

Traditional Healing:

The Inyanga:The Inyanga is often mistakingly called the witchdoctor. He is in fact the tribe's doctor and treats physical disease. The majority of the Mamba people will still travel as far as it is necessary to obtain remedies from an Inyanga.

The Sangoma (witch doctor):

The Sangoma plays a respected and meaningful role in the life of a Mamba community by using roots, herbs, bark, snake skins and dried animal parts to reveal the past, predict the future and even sometimes is believed to cure ailments. She talks with the spirits of the tribe's ancestors and looks for guidance. Mamba people believe in ancestors and in traditional healing. They believe that the isangoma has supernatural powers of communicating with the ancestral spirits on their behalf. Isangomas play a significant role among the Mamba nation and are assigned very powerful status among the society.

Training to become a Sangoma generally takes five to seven years, although when one is born to a Sangoma the time may be half as much. Usually it is women who take up this profession, however, there are and have been some powerful male Isangomas.

Isangomas predict the present and the future of the people who come to seek help from them. They throw bones to determine the future and to find stolen things at times. Isangomas work alone or sometimes in conjunction with medicine men (inyanga).

Miscellaneous information:

Inside the homes you'll sometimes find the women weaving baskets and making clay pots and traditional paga, and men making their shields. Slaves very seldom remain in doors unless summoned for something. Inside the huts, while working, the women sit on the left, the men on the right, and the spirits of the ancestors have their own space opposite the door. The ancestors are thought to live in the spiritual world of the one God, unkulunkulu (the greatest of the great), but have a second home with their families.

Historians have traced the beginnings of the Mamba nation. They have a rich and bloody history and have a tradition of being great warriors. Many battles were fought, many lives lost, but the Mamba nation has survived.
Art works & other creations:

* Carvings - Hand-carved wooden sculptures and carvings with more traditional themes, Fine items made from exotic tem wood, Large and life size tem wood statues, Soapstone Stone carvings each individually hand carved.
* Beaded Jewelry - All jewelry is completely hand made, authentic, and completely Mamba in origin and design. This jewelry will be noticed by everyone, will make tremendous conversation pieces.
* Musical Instruments - Exotic Mamba Musical instruments not easily found outside the village - including a selection of Drums, hollowed and solid sticks, bone and wood flutes and Tambourines.
* Weaving - Wicker Baskets, blankets and other accessories.
* Leather Art - All made from genuine bosk leather - featuring animals, leaders and ancestral spirits.
* Clay & Steel Pots - The Mambas create inticately detailed clay pots, pitchers and other containers. They as well hammer out pots of steel when able to gain the steel needed from outsiders.

Whiners of Gor

Whiners of Gor, Page 28

The impish male with 40 hidden weapons foolishly came to take a captive from the village of super bows in retribution, but with no IC information. He was joined by his merry band of grunting & boasting minions. Upon docking and mapping their victim, the crew drew their bows, unsheathed their CEC approved swords and ran deep into the fields.

"Let us raid these people and pillage their home!" Grimreaper yelled. The trailing men joined the chorus of their leader and ran amok. But alas, their fate was set in stone as they were ambushed by a smaller group of skilled bowmen with superior aim and epic role play. One by one, the over primed avatars crumpled to the ground in a pool of their own blood. Upon laying wounded in the field, they were bound and captured with three valid posts.

Nevertheless, "IT'S INVALID!" Nate demanded in an shrill cry followed by OOC insults in IM.

"AND I WANT A MOD. This is against my RP limits!" whined Jake in a fit of tears, “And you obviously cheated,” he continued hysterically.

Even the restrained and gagged bald giant called Maddog had the spirit to bellow and wield a mighty sword that was taken from him not moments before. "/defeats them " he typed over and over.

With no hope for victory, the little one called Ricka frantically sent birds for aid and pouted "WELL I'M TELEPORTING OUT..NO FAIR!"

As the whiners of gor begin to reset their magical meters and shuffle off towards the dock in disgrace and humiliation, an emasculated Mercenary name Jack with pearls of sweat dripping from his body arrived screaming, “I got a bird from a Larl. Yes indeed, a bird sending Larl! The beast spotted you from 300 meters in the air and I’m here to help,” he ranted while pasting fake IC info in open chat to support his claim.

Even the whiners of Gor found this peculiar at first for they did not know Larls could send birds. But in their desperation they simply shrugged and retorted in unison, “Sounds Valid…now HELP!”

Mamba BO.oK Quotes

"Within the stockade of the Mamba people there was much light and noise. I could hear the sounds of their musical instruments, and the pounding of their drums. Within the stockade, too, we could hear the chanting of the people and the beating of sticks, carried in the hands of dancers." ~ Explorers of Gor

((The above quote shows indeed that the Mambas had musical culture. We have infered that, along with drums and sticks, the Mambas also used flutes, insinuated by the term "musical intruments". Most rainforest tribes use flutes, along with gourdes filled with beans to mimick the sound maraccas would make. The quote also shows that the Mamba people must have had some sort of rituals. Cannibalism was often accompanied by some sort of ritualistic dance. The quote does not specify whether or not the dancers are slaves, or simply members of the tribe. However, a guess can be made that the Mambas did indeed keep slaves.))

The word 'Mamba' in most of the river dialects does not refer to a venomous reptile as might be expected, given its meaning in English, but, interestingly, is applied rather generally to most types of predatory river tharlarion. The Mamba people were, so to speak, the Tharlarion people. The Mamba people ate human flesh. So, too, does the tharlarion. It Is thus, doubtless, that the people obtained their name. ---Explorers of Gor, 44:393

the Schendi word for river tharlarion, the predatory alligator-like creature which inhabits the rainforest rivers inland of Schendi; also a tribe of Schendi cannibals. ---Explorers of Gor, 32:326

((John Norman did not elaborate much when describing the culture of the Mambas to us in his books. Thus, we have taken the liberty of filling in the gaps as best we can, using what little information we have from the books. This is only an interpretation, put towards how the roleplay of the Mambas works.))

"They are gone," said the leader of the small men. "They were taken by the Mamba people, those who file their teeth." ---Explorers of Gor

"The chieftain of the Mamba people rolled screaming at the wall, and then, scratching and screaming, tried to drag himself toward the gate. The villagers, however, in their departure, had closed it, hoping thereby to contain the ants." ~ Explorers of Gor

((The above quote was taken from the passage where Tarl leads the marcher ants into the Mamba village. Once the people are attacked, they flee, though, interestingly enough, without their leader. This quote may show what loyalties lie within the tribe. That none are loyal enough to risk their life to save their leader. That basically, it is every Mamba for themself. The Mambas not only abandon their leader, but leave him to a horrible and painful death, showing the lack of empathy towards one-another as well.))

"How many men may I have?" I asked.
"Two or three will be sufficient," said the leader of the small men, "but because we are so fond of you, I, and nine others, will accompany you."
"That is perhaps generous," I said, "but how do you propose that the camp of the Mamba people be stormed with so few men?"
"We shall recruit allies," said the small man. "They are nearby even now."
~ Explorers of Gor

((This quote shows Tarl's uncertainty about invading the Mamba village with so few men, suggesting that the Mambas are worthy foes. Also, the quote shown below states close to the same. The pygmies fear the Mambas, fear their weapons, size, and numbers. They thought it not the least bit unusual that Tarl would abandon his party, thus escaping the Mambas, to save himself, which is what they thought he was doing. Also, the keen prowress of the Mamba people can be derived from the below quote as well, as they were not detected by Tarl, and were only detected by the pygmies because they are well educated in terms of the jungle. The quote also shows that the Mambas use spears and knives as their main form of weaponry.))

"Kisu!" I called, alarmed. "Ayari! Tende! Alice!"
Unmistakably in the small camp I saw the signs of struggle. Too, on the ground, I saw shed blood.
"They are gone," said the leader of the small men. "They were taken by the Mamba people, those who file their teeth."
The word 'Mamba´ in most of the river dialects does not refer to a venomous reptile as might be expected, given its meaning in English, but, interestingly, is applied rather generally to most types of predatory river tharlarion. The Mamba people were, so to speak, the Tharlarion people. The Mamba people ate human flesh. So, too, does the tharlarion. It Is thus, doubtless, that the people obtained their name.
"How do you know it was the Mamba people?" I asked.
"They came through the forest on foot," said the leader of the small people. "Doubtless they were following you. Doubtless they wished to surprise you."
"How do you know it was they?" I asked.
"We saw them," said one of the men.
"It is our country," said another. "We know much of what occurs here."
"Did you see the attack?" I asked.
"We did not wish to be too close," said another man.
"We are a small people," said another. "There were many of them, and they are large."
"We saw those of your party being led away," said another man.
"They were then alive," I said.
"Yes," said another man.
"Why did you not tell me of these things sooner?" I asked. "We thought you knew of the attack," said one of the men, "and had fled, thus escaping."
"No," I said. "I was hunting."
"We will give you meat, if you wish," said one of the small men. "Our hunting earlier today was successful."
"I must attempt to rescue those of my party," I said.
"There are too many of the Mamba people," said one of the small men. "They have spears and knives."
~ Explorers of Gor

"What is wrong?" I asked.
"I have been looking about the village in the darkness," he whispered.
"Yes?" I said.
"I have found the refuse dump," he said.
"Within the walls?" I asked.
"Yes," he said.
"That is strange," I said. Normally a village would have its refuse dump outside the walls.
"I thought it strange, too," said Ayari. "I took the liberty of examining it."
"Yes?" I said.
"It contains human bones," he said.
"That is doubtless why it is kept within the walls," I said.
"I think so," said Ayari. "That way strangers will not see it before, unsuspecting, they enter the village."
"They seemed friendly fellows," I said. They were, however, I admitted to myself, not the most attractive lot I had ever seen. Their teeth had been filed to points.
"I never trust a man," said Ayari, "until I know what he eats"
"Where are the men of the village?" I asked.
"They are not asleep," said Ayari. "They are gathered in one of the huts."
"I shall awaken Janice and Alice," I said. "Awaken Kisu and Tende."
"I shall do so," he whispered.
In a few Ehn, our things in hand, we crept from the village. By the time we heard men crying out in rage, and saw torches on the shore, we were safely on the river.
~ Explorers of Gor

((This quote is important, not only because it tells about the Mambas tendency towards cannibalism, but also because it shows their scheming ways. Apparently the Mambas had been friendly and inviting, though it is obvious that they had planned on eating their guests, evident by the angered howls prompted by the dicovery of Tarl's departure. The quote also shows that the Mamba people file their teeth, suggesting that they may not cook the flesh before eating it, thereby needing incisor-like teeth to rip through raw meat. I would doubt that it would be a sign of agression, or warning, based on the fact that the Mamba lure their "prey" in by presenting a friendly facade.))

Schendi Jungle Language

Greetings & Salutaions
Hello/Tal = Sawubona
Greetings/Tal(To one person) = Sawubona
Greetings/Tal(To more than one) = Sanibona
Greetings Master. = Sawubona Ufundi
Greetings Mistress. = Sawubona Mwana
Be well(If you are leaving) = Sala kahle
Be well(If you are staying) = Hamba kahle
Be well, Master.(If Master is leaving) = Hamba kahle, Ufundi.
Be well, Master.(If you are leaving) = Sala kahle, Ufundi.
Be well, Mistress.(If Mistress is leaving) = Hamba kahle, Mwana.
Be well, Mistress.(If you are leaving) = Sala kahle, Mwana.
Good night = Lala kahle
Good night, Master. = Lala kahle, Ufundi.
Good night, Mistress. = Lala kahle, Mwana.
We are leaving. = Siyahamba
I am leaving. = Ngiyahamba
Good luck = Ngikufisela inhlanhla.
Have a safe journey. = Ube nohambo oluhle.
To say pardon/excuse me = Uxolo
To ask for pardon = ukuxolisa
May I go now? = Ngingahamba manje?
You may go now. = Ungahamba manje.

Come here = Yiza lapha

Who? = Bani?
Name = igama
Who are you? = Ungubani?
My name is... = Igama lami...
I am called... = Ngingu...
This is... = Lona ku-...
(ex: Lona kuDina = This is Dina.)
His name is... = Igama lakhe ngu-...
(ex: Igama lakhe nguDarken = His name is Darken)
It's good to know you. = Kumnandi ukuhlangana.

Are you well? = Uyaphila na?
I am well = Ngiyaphila
What is your name? = Ungubani igama lakho na?
Where are you from? = Uvelaphi?
Where do you live? = Uhlalaphi?
It is nice to know you = Kumnani ukukwazi
Are you married/mated? = Ushadile na?
How old are you? = Iminyaka yakho?
Nice to meet you. = ngiyathokoza ukukwazi
How are you? = Kunjani?
Me, I'm well. = Ngikhona.
I am fine. = Ngisaphila.
I am fine, thank you. = Ngisaphila ngiyabonga.
And how are you? = Wena unjani?
How is it going? = Kunjani?
How's it with you? = Kunjani kuwe?
It's okay. = Kulungile.
Are you still well? = Wena usaphila?
I'm still well. = Ngisaphila.
How is your family? = Ngicela kini?
We are fine.(or "We are well.) = Sikhona.
And how are you? = Nina ninjani?
Fine, we are fine. = Sikhona.
Us too = Nathi

Exampe: I am glad to know you. = Ngiyabulela ukukwazi.
We are/We're = Siya
I am/I'm = Ngiya
..pleased to know you = thokoza ukukwazi
..glad you are well = jabula uma uyaphila
..glad to hear that you are well = jabula ukuzwa ukuthi usaphila
..glad to hear that = jabula ukuzwa loko
..glad to know you = bulela ukukwazi
..glad = jabula

Where have you been? = Ubukuphi?
See you again. = Sobonana futhi.
What are you doing? = Wenzani?
Where are you going? = Uyaphi?
See you soon = Sobonana masinyane

General Commands

Be quiet. = Thula.
Stay. = Sala.
Eat. = Kudla.
Listen. = Zwela.
Come here. = Yiza lapha.
Come here, men! = Yizani madoda!
Come = Wozani.
Now. = Mange.
Show the way = layela


I = ngi
We = si
You (singular, familiar) = u
You (singular, formal) = ni
You (plural) = ni
They = ba
I would like.. = Ngicela
I want.. = Ngifuna
Where is..? = ikuphi
You have got.. = Une..
He has got.. = Uno..
She has got.. = Uno..
The child has got.. = Ingane ine..
You must = Ubuse
You are = Tsatsi
We are = sikuyo
When you = uma
Can/Do you = yini
Is it = noma
My = weso
With = ngo
I am.. = Ngingu..
You are.. = Ungu..
He is.. = Ngu..
She is.. = Uya..
Go to.. = Hamba noma iya..
I can't = Angi
I don't = Ange
They don't = Aba
I'm not = Anga
Do you have.. = Une..?

A little = ...ncane
A lot = ...ningi
All = ...nke
Am = ya
Have = Ube
Soon = masinyane
Again = futhi

Where = phi (at the end of the word)
When = Nini
How? = njani?
How long = Isikhathi esingakanani
How much = Kangakanani
In = Phakothi
Out = Ngaphandle
Before = Ngaphambilini
After = Ngemuva
Soon = Shesha
It = Kuwo
each = ngalinye
what = ni
where = phi
I am = ngiyi
as = njenga
How many = ngaki
To, at, by, from. = ku
We = si
They = ba
I too = nami
You too = nawe
We too = nathi
Mine = mi
Your = kho
Yours = nu
Ours = thu
Theirs = bo
after = emva kwa
before = phambi kwa
under = phansi kwa
inside, between = phakathi kwa
across = ngale kwa
build = akha
refuse = ala
dress = ambatha
clothe/cover = ambesa
accept = amukela
enough = anele
satisfied = anelisiwa
break = aphula
know = azi
meet = azisa
run away = baleka
hold = bamba
write = bhala
register = bhalisa
smoke = bhema
swim = bhukhuda
report = bika
borrow/lend = boleka
fasten = bopha
be = bu
sore/painful = buhlungu
be there = bukhona
watch = bukela
revise = bukeza
sharp = bukhali
kill = bulala
bless = busisa
return = buya
ask = cela
deliver = diliva
need = dinga
tired = dinwa
eat = dla
play = dlala
inhale = donsa umoya
believe/hope = ethemba
must = fanela
hide = fihla
wish = fisa
wash = geza
lock = khiya
forget = khohlwa
bring = letha
wait = linda
bite = luma
fine = lunga
cold = makhaza
wet = manzi
dirty = ngcolile
enter = ngena
order = oda
next to = secaleni nas
Priest King = inkhosi ibhugane
To understand = ukuqonda
A beginner = ukucathula
To speak = ukukhuluma
At home. = Ekhaya
At night. = Ubusuku
I'm lost. = Ngilahlekile.


Day = usuku (Plural = Izinsuku)
Week = iviki (Plural = Amaviki)
Month = inyanga (Plural = Izinyanga)
Year = unyaka (Plura = Iminyaka)
Day = Usuku
Night = Ebusuku
Sleep = Lala
Morning = Ekuseni
Afternoon = Ntambama
Evening = Kusihlwa
Today = Namuhla
Yesterday = Izolo
Tomorrow = Kusasa
Spring = intwasahlobo
Summer = ihlobo
Fall, Autumn = ukwindla
Winter = ubusika


World = Umhlaba
Inn = ihhotela
Room = ikamelo
Road/Path = isitaladi
Mountain = intaba
Hill = igquma
Valley = isigodi
Ocean/Thassa = ulwandle
Lake = ichibi
River = umfula
Hospital/Clinic = Isibhedlela


Vulo = inkukhu
Fish = inhlanzi
Larl = ikati
Kaiila = ihhash
Tarn = inyoni
Snake = inyoka snake
Spider = ulwembu
Verr = imbuzi
Monkey = inkawu
Bosk = inkunzi
Stock/Herd = imfuyo
Shell fish = isikhuphashe
Urt = ibuzi
Mites = izeze
Frog = isele ixoxo

Employment / Money / Meeting

Money = imali
What can I do for you? = Ngingakusiza ngani na?
With what? = Ngani?
How much coin? = Imalini?
You work here? = Usebenza kuphi?
Who are you? = Ungubani?
How much money? = imalini
Do you have money? = Uphethe imali na?
Yes, I have. = Yebo, ngiyaphethe.
I don't have any money. = Ngiphethe imali.
What work do you do? = Usebenezani?
I will work. = Ngizosebenza.
I am not working. = Angisebenzi.
I can work. = Ngingasebenza.
I would like to work. = Ngingathanda ukusebenza.
I must work very hard. = Ngifanelene ngisebenze kakhulu.
What do you do? = Wena wenzani?
I work for.. = ngisebenzela i-...
(ex: Ngisebenzela iDarken. = I work for Darken.)
You know how to? = Uyakwazi?
I don't know how. = Angikwazi.
She doesn't know how. = Akakwazi.
He doesn't know how. = Akokwazi.
Do you understand? = Ngiyaqonda na?
I don't understand well. = Angiqondi kahle.
Sorry, but I do not understand what you are saying. = Ngiyaxolisa kodwa angiqondi
kahle usho ukuthini.
Please repeat. = Awupinde.
She doesn't know how. = Akakwazi.
I'm not satisfied. = Anganelisiwe.
I don't understand. = I don't understand.
Will you help please? = Ngicela usizo?
What can I help you with? = Ngingakusiza ngani na?
Can I help you?(with) = Ngingakusiza na?
Thanks for your help. = Ngibonga usizo lwakho.
I don't think so. = Angethembi kanjalo.
I think so. = Ngithemba kanjalo.

Parts of the Body

Head = Ikhanda
Brain = Ingqondo
Eye = Iso
Ear = Indlebe
Nose = Ikhala
Mouth = Umlomo
Tooth = Izinyo
Teeth = Amazinyo
Throat = Umphimbo
Arm = Ingalo
Hand = Isandla
Finger = Umunwe
Thumb = Isithupha
Chest = Isifuba
Heart = Inhliziyo
Breast = Amabele
Abdomen = Isusu
Back = Umhlane
Neck = Intamo
Waist = Ukhalo
Buttock = Izinqe
Anus = Ingqada
Penis = Umthondo
Scrotum = Isikhwama samasende
Testis = Amasende
Vagina = Isibumbu
Vulva = Umlomo wenhlunu
Thigh = Ithanga
Leg = Umlenze
Ankle = Iqakala
Foot = Unyawo
Toe = Uzwane
Bone = Ithambo
Muscle = Umsipha
Joint = Ilunga
Skin/Flesh = Isikhumba
Blood = Igazi

Discriptions & Directions

Good = ngisaphila
Bad = kubi
Better = Kugcono
Worse = Kwedlulele
Left = ubunxele
Right = ubunene
Straight = qondile
Up = phezulu
Down = phansi
Far = kude
Near = eduze
Long(Distance) = Kute
Long(Time) = Kudala
Short = fushane
Tall = Mude
Much(A lot) = Kuningi
Little(Small) = Kuncane
Large(Big) = Kukhulu
Sharp = Cijile
Soft = Thambile
Hot = Kuyashisa
Cold = Kuyabanda
Well/Healthy = Iyaphila
Unhealthy/ill = Uyagula
Dead/Dying = Ukufa
Alive = Ukuphila
Normal = Kukahle
Abnormal/Unusual = Akukahle
Pain/Hurt = Ubuhlungu
Overweight = Ukhuluphele kakhulu
Underweight/Malnourished = Uzacile


half = Inxenye
one = kunye
two = kubili
three = kuthathu
four = kune
five = kuhlanu
six = yisithupa
seven = yisikhombisa
eight = yisishiyagalombili
nine = yisishiyagalolunye
ten = yishumi
eleven = yishumi nanye
twelve = yishumi nambili
thirteen = yishumi nantathu
fourteen = yishumi nane
fifteen = yishumi nesihlanu
twenty = amashumi amabili
thirty = Amashumi amathathu
forty = Amashumi amane
fifty = Amashumi amahlanu
sixty = Ngamashumi ayisithupha
seventy = Ngamashumi ayisikhombisa
eighty = Ngamashumi ayisishiyagalombili
ninety = Amashumi ayisishiyagalolunye
hundred = ikhulu
thousand = inkulungwane

Misc. Things
Food = Ukudla
Music = Umbulo
Song = Ingoma
Dreams = Amaphupho
Freedom = Inkululeko
Journey = oluhle
Love = thando
Peace = xolo
Ancestors = amakhosi
The spirites = amdlozi bo

Yes = Yebo
No = Cha
Please = Ngiyakucela
Thank you. = Ngiyabonga.
Thank you very much. = Ngiyabonga kakhulu.
You're welcome. = Uyamukelwa.
Excuse me = Uxolo
I am sorry. = Ngiyaxolisa.
I love you. = Ngiyakuthanda.
I love these guys. = Ngiyabathanda labafana
See you soon. = Sobonana masinyane
Time is money. = Isikhathi siyimali.
To see = ukubona
To be glad, be happy = ukujabula
To hear = ukuzwa
To know = ukukwazi

Serving/Entertaining Visitors/Family

How's the drink? = lnjani isiphuzo?
It's very nice. = Simnandi kakhulu.
It's nice. = Imnandi
It's not nice. = Ayimnandi.
It's very nice. = Simnandi kakhulu.
How many days are you going to stay? = Uyohlala amalanga amangaki?
Where do you stay? = Uhlalaphi?
Why are you going now? = Yini ndaba uhamba manje?
When do you leave? = Uyahamba nini?
What do they want? = Bafunani?
What do you want to drink? = Ufuna ukuphuzani?
Is there anything else? = Kukhona okunye na?
No, thank you, that's all. = Cha, yilokho kuphela.
No thank you. = Cha ngiyabonga.
Is there cold water? = Akhona amanzi abandayo na?
No, there's not. = Cha, awekho.
Where is the milk? = Luphi ubisi?
Please fill up. = Awugcwalise
Please wipe off. = Awusule
What are you doing? = Wenzani?
What do you want to do? = Ufuna ukwenzani?
Do you want to come in? = Ufuna ukungena na?
Do you come from far? = Uphuma phesheya na?
I come from... = Ngiphuma e-...
(ex: Ngiphuma eSchendi. = I come from Schendi.
We will see each other again soon? = Sobonana futhi?
I must go now. = Ngifanele ngihambe manje.
I'm on my way now. = Ngisendleleni.
I'm coming back soon. = Masinyane.
You come back when? = Ubuya nini?
Please stay ___. = Makasale u-___
(ex: Makasale uDarken. = Please stay Darken.)
Can I buy you a drink? = Ngingakuthengela isiphuzo na?
What do you want? = Ufunani?
We want/need = Sinfuna
We would like = Singathanda
We want/need to eat = Sifun'ukudla
What do you need? = Ufunani?
I would like a cup of tea. = Ngingathanda inkomishi yetiye.
Would you like something to drink? = Ngingathanda okuphuzwayo?
What would you like to drink? = Ungathanda ukuphuzani?
I would like... = Ngithanda...
... will be fine. = ...ngithanda infanta.
Would you like another drink? = Ngicela uthand'esinye isiphuzo?
Would you like another? = Ngicela usithanda?
Yes, please. = Yebo, ngingathanda
Are you full? = Uwanelisiwe na?
Yes, I am full. = Yebo, ngonela.
No, I'm not full. = Cha, anganelisiwe.
May I go now? = Ngingahamba manje?
You may go now. = Ungahamba manje.


Female Mate = inkosikazi
Male Mate = umyeni
Father = ubaba
Mother = umama
Grandfather = ikhehla
Grandmother = Ugogo
Daughter = intombi (Plural = amatombi)
Son = indodana (Plural = izindodana)
Uncle = umalume
Aunt = u-anti
Brother = umfowethu
My Brother = umfowabu
Sister = sisi
My Sister = dadalethu
Slave = Krimu
My wife/mate = Inkosikazi yami
My husband/mate = Umyeni wami
My girlfriend/intended = Intombi yami
My love = Isithando sami
God = uNkulunkulu
Respected Male/Master = Umumnzane
Sirs = Abanumzane
King = Inkhosi
Kings = Amakhozi
Chief = Inkosi
Single Female = inkosazana
Men = amadoda
Man = umfa
Young man = insizwa
Boy = umfana
Woman = umfazi (Women = abafazi)
Chief = inkosi (Plural = amakhosi)
Girl = intombi (Plural = amatombi)
Young girls = amatombazane
Older man = baba
Older woman = ma madam
Bro = bhut
Blood Relation = ishlobo
Their Mother = unina
My Boy = umfana wami
The boys = bafana
Child = umntwana
My Child = umntanami
Your Child = umntanakho
Infant = ingane
Parent = umzali (Plural = amazali)
Friend = umgane
Person = umuntu
Nation = isizwe
People = abantu
White Person = umlungu
Teacher = ithisha
Student/Trainee = isishtudeni
Doctor/Healer = udokotela
Builder = unjiniyela
Merchant = uthengisi
Nurse = unesi
Dentist = udokotela wamazinyo
Thief = gqekezi
Boss = makhonya
Person in charge = umphathi
Witch Doctor = umthakathi
Neighbor = Umakhelwane

General Sentences/Questions

Has he run away? = Ushaye utshani na?
Why do men complain so much? = Yini ndaba amadoda ekhala kangaka?
Whereabouts = kukuphi
Whereabouts is...? = Kukuphi e-...?
(ex: Kukuphi eDina? = Whereabouts is Dina?)
Yes, it's far. = Yebo, sikude.
No, it's not far, it's nearby. = Cha, alikude, siseduze.
How many years? = Iminyaka emingaki?
Many years. = Iminyaka eminingi.
Many people. = Abantu abaningi.
Where's ...? = Uphi u-...?
(ex: Uphi uDina? = Where's Dina?)
Where is the... ? = Likuphi... ?
Where are the children? = Baphi abatwana?
Where are you going? = Uyaphi?
Is ___ here? = U___ ukhona na?
(ex: UDina ukhona na? = Is Dina here?)
Yes, she's here. = Yebo, ukhona.
Are the children here? = Abatwana bakhona na?
Yes, they are. = Yebo, bakhona.
I ask to see my mother. = Ngicela ukubona umama wami.
My brother, I ask to see him. = Umfowetu, Ngicela ukumbona.
I can be happy. = Ngingajabula.
Put it in the room. = Beka ekamelweni.
Rest a while. = Shaya inkhefu.
Lay down the law. = Shaya umthetho.
Finish off completely. = Shaya uqothule.
Go away. = Shaya unshantshule.
Take an oath. = Shaya umunuwe.
Trust oneself, be proud. = Shaya isfuba.
Follow me = Ngilandele
Come back afterwards = Ubuye futhi
Come back... = Buya
You can go now = Usungahamba
Why do you gossip? = Ukhulumelani?
Do the right thing. = Yenza okuqondile.
Scatter the fire. = Hlakaza umlilo.
Come closer to me. = Sondela kimi.
Love each other. = Thandanani.
We remember you. = Siyanikhumbula.
You're wonderful. = Wena usimangiliso.
Do you accept? = Uyawamukela?
How much is this? = Kuyimalini lokhu?
What is the time? = Yisikhathisini manje?
What's the problem? = Uphethwe yini?
When did it start? = Kuqale nini?
Have you ever had..? = Wake wabanayo..?
Do you have..? = Unayo i..?
Have you ever had it before? = Wake wabanayo ngaphambilini?
My Love = Isithando sami
You love each other? = ni thandanani
I remember you = ngi yanikhumbula
What is this? = Yini le?
I'll buy it. = ngizokuyithenga
Do you have..? = Une ...?
We are learning. = Siyafunda.
I do not understand = angiqondi, angizwa.
Where are the baths? = likuphi itholethe?
I don't know = Angikwazi
I can't remember = Angikhumbuli
I don't believe so = Angethembi kanjalo
They don't like this place = Abathandi le ndawo
I don't want to complain = Angifundi ukukhlala
The water isn't very cold = Amanzi awabandi kakhulu
He doesn't know = akakwazi
I'm not satisfied = anganelisiwe
I don't understand = angizwa kahle
Sorry = Phephisa
Come in = Ngena
Sit down = Hlala phansi
Sit up = Vuka uhlale
Stand up = Sukuma
Lie down = Lala phansi
Dress = Gqoka
Get up and dress = Vuka Ugqoke
Undress = Khumula
Open your mouth = Khamisa
Stick out your tongue = Khipha ulimi
Close your eyes = Vala amehlo
Open your eyes = Vula amehlo
Do what I do = Yenza engikwenzayo
Keep Still = Yima
Breathe deeply = Phefumula kakhula
Breathe normally = Phefumula kahlenje
Breathe in = Donsa umoya
Breathe out = Khipha umoya
Hold your breath = Bamba umoya
Roll over onto your front = Lala ngesisu
Roll over onto your back = Lala ngomhlane
Roll onto your side = Lala ngohlangothi
Show me where = Ngikhombise kuphi
Please answer Yes or No = Phendula Yebo noma Cha kuphela

Foods & Drinks

Food = ukudla
Drink = isiphuzo
Breakfast = ibhulakufesi
Lunch = idina
Dinner = isapha
Coffee/Blackwine = ikhofi
Tea = itiye
Juice = ijusi
Water = amanzi
Wine = iwayini
Paga = ubhiya
Ale = ijinjabhiya
Salt = usawoti
Pepper = upelepele
Sugar = Ushukela
milk = ubisi
bread = isinkwa
butter = ubhotela
eggs = iqanda
cheese = ushizi
fruit spread/jam = ujamu
sweets = iswidi
toast = uthosi
Salad = isaladi
Dessert = iphudingi
Meat = inyama
vegetables = uhlaza
Fruit = isithelo
stew = isitshulu
rice = irayisi
cake = ikekhe
pudding = uphuthini
Red Meat/Bosk = inyama yenkomo
Pheasant/Vulo = inkukhu
Fish = inhlanzi
Potato/Sul = izambane
Beans = ubhotshisi
Onions = u-anyanisi
Carrots = amakherothi
Lettuce = uletisi
Tomatoes = utamatisi
Plums = amapulamu

I want a little water = Ngifuna ncane amanzi.
I want juice = Ngifuna ijusi.
I want meat = Ngifuna inyama.
I want fruit = Ngifuna isithelo.
You(Singular) want meat? = U funa inyama?
You(plural) want meat? = Ni funa inyama?
You(Singular) want paga? = U funa utshwala?
You(plural) want paga? = Ni funa utshwala?
You(Singular) want wine? = U funa iwayini?
You(plural) want wine? = Ni funa utshwala?
You(Singular) want blackwine? = U funa ikhofi?
You(plural) want blackwine? = Ni funa ikhofi?
You(Singular) want juice? = U funa ijusi?
You(plural) want juice? = Ni funa ijusi?
You(Singular) want breakfast? = U funa ibhulakufesi?
You(plural) want breakfast? = Ni funa ibhulakufesi?
You(Singular) want Dinner? = U funa isapha?
You(plural) want Dinner? = Ni funa isapha?


Go = Hamba
Come = Woza
Open = Vula
Close = Vala
Take = Thatha
Pull = Donsa
Push = Fuqa
Grip = Bamba
Relax = Khululeka
Turn = Phenduka
Lift = Phakamisa
Sew up = Thunga
Walk = Hamba
Eat = Ukudla
Drink = Ukuphuza
Wash = Geza
Open = sivuliwe
Closed = sivaliwe
Wake = vusa
Rule = busa
Sleep = lala
Hush = thula
Listen = mamela
Celebrate = ithabise
Rejoice = Jabula
Dancing = Ukusina
Singing = Ukucula
Walk = Hamba
Stop = Mana
Cut = Ukusika
Scratch = Ukudwebeka
Bite = Luma
Cry = Ukukhala

General sentences..

We're going to conquer. = Siyo nqoba
Hush, listen! = Thula, mamela!
Hey, listen. = Hela hey mamela.
Sleep well. = Lala kahle.
Your day has come. = Tsatsi lahao lefihlile.
Your day = Tsatsi lahao
Has come = lefihlile
Time has come = lxesha lifikile
Lead us = Sikhokhele bo
Make way for me = Ngi vulel' lndlela
You will rule = Uzo libusa
My dear brother = mfo wethu
My sister, celebrate! = Ngwana weso bo' ithabise.
My brother, be happy! = Moshanyana weso bo' itumele.
Throne of the ancestors = Ubukhosi bo khokho
Our land = Fatshe leso
Son of the nation/tribe = We indodana ye sizwe sonke
My dear friend = Motswalle waka
I'm in pain/troubled. = Ngivelelwe
Rule with peace = Busa ngo xolo.
Rule this land of ours. = Busa lomhlaba wethu.
You must rule this land. = Uli-buse le lizwe
The land of the people. = Izwe lethu
Soil of the people. = Mhlaba wethu
I miss you. = Ndi ya ku khumbula mna.
I cry for you. = Ndi ya ku khalela mna.
You must rule with peace = Ubuse ngo xolo
You must rule with love = Ubuse ngo thando
Handle it with care = Uli phathe kahle
This land of ours = Izwe lethu
Hail to = Shwele
We are grateful to you = Siyakubongela
With love = Ngo thando
Are you going? = Noyana?
What do you say? = Nithini?
Are different = Nehluka
Some of you = Nina ka
Some of you are different. = Nina ka nehluka.
We are = sikuyo
On the path = indlela
We are on the path. = Sikuyo indlela.
Of the voice = yelizwi
Up there = phezulu
You brought us happiness. = Usi lethel' injabulo.
Father, we salute you. = Bayede baba.
Wake the ancestors. = Vusa amakhosi.
Wake the spirits. = Vusa amdlozi bo
Home to the people = ikhaya labantu
Who lives with peace = behleli ngendweba


White = Kumhlophe
Brown = Kubende
Black = Kumyama
Red = Kubomvu
Yellow = Kumthubi
Green = Kuluhlaza
Blue = Kusibhakabhaka

Birth of Cailyn 11/23/08

[10:21] Nocra Neuman Gazes upwards to him, her body shifting in pain knowing right now she was not in the right frame of mind. Undulating waves of piercing pain rolled through her drawing out her primative wildness. She knew with him she would be able to control her urges to attack but should another tuusie approach she doubted she would be able to contain the fierce drive to attack. Beads of sweat formed upon her brow as she tilted back her head, teeth bared, jaw clenched until a stroke of pain faded away yet she knew it would come again as they had slowly been progressing for the past ahn.

[10:25] Crash Coage: drops to his knee`s behind her back ,, taking a little cloth from his pack ,, he reached around and started to pat her head ,, wiping away the buds of sweat ,,, his other hand slid down her spine ,, has his thumb began to press into her back making a circle motion ,, soothing her musles some ,, untill the pain had stopped ,, Then , he shuffled around to meet her face and placed his hand over her belly ,, giving her a smile at the very thing thing that had brought them together ....

[10:30] Nocra Neuman His sudden display of affection was the encouragement she needed to go on with the unbearable tides of pain cresting and burning through her like wildfire. His palm resting upon her stomach, fingertips fanning in a gentle caress as their child kicked suddenly making her wince once more. Swaying slightly she dropped into a crouch as heat flooded her cheeks feeling a gush of liquid rush to the ground. Tears clung to raven lashes as she looked towards him utterly embarrassed yet unable to control the actions of her body. "Please me..." she begged him in between choking sobs as she struggled with the straps of her garments knowing she would need to undress and find someplace safe, warm and protected from the elements.

[10:36] Crash Coage: Watching has her waters broke ,,, he instantly started to remove her rags ,, taking his time to remove each item ,, placing them aside ,, he took off his cloak and wrapped it around her shoulders ,, using her old rag like clothes to wipe dry between her thighs ,, gentle drying her off from her waters ,, reaching around her has he lifting her up ,, cradled his his arms ,, he heard her words ,, he stopped that very second and looked at her ,,, a single tear ran down his cheek ,,,"I am here for you ,, we shall do this together always ,, as long as i breath i shall be at your side ,,",, carefully he took her into there cave ,, placing her on the bed ,,, leaning in kissing her forhead ,,

[10:42] Nocra Neuman The trust she shared with him was irreplaceable. Sinking back against his arms thankful for the strength in which he was able to hold her withering form. The sensation of her garments being removed was a slight comfort to be free of the restricting garments. Watching the tear shimmer down his cheek she raised a single fingertips brushing it away and then clung to him as another contraction slammed through her body making her small features distort in immense pain. A few ehn later she relaxed inhaling deep choking breaths. ALmond ebony moons turned gazing towards him mustering a smile as she gazed to the man who had captured her heart and sole...their intimate bond uniting them upon a deeper level than any had probably ever shared.

[10:49] Crash Coage: making sure she was settled on the bed ,, he gatherd some more furs ,, placing them behind her back ,, walking over to there storage chest ,, he quickly took some cloth and the few med supplies they had come to gather , walking back over to the bed ,, placing the supplies upon the shelf ,,, he lit a few more candles to light up the darkness of there lair ,,, returning to her he lifted up gentle her thighs and spread them to each side ,, taking a close look to see any signs of the babys head ,,, knowing it was still early ,, he reached his hand out and intwined it with hers ,, offering her a warm smile of affection

[10:56] Nocra Neuman A cry of suffering captured within her throat erupted like the caterwaul of feral beasts. Tense limbs corded with energy as she hunched on their bad thankful that her mate was here with her. She doubted that alone she would have been able to endure this and knew she would not allow any others to aid her. Falling back against the furs, she was left breathless and panting as she watched him quickly beginning to prepare what would be needed to aid her and thier child enter this world. Despite the growing plague of torture she was thankful that he had given her what she had longed for for so long...the chance to be a mother. Intense nocturnal hues remained upon him absorbing strength simply from his presense and touch as he tended to her with such fondness and devotion it nearly made her weep. "i" she whispered welcoming his hand in hers. Relaxing a moment until she felt the next mountain of pain rushing towards her like a tidal wave that made her twist and grip his hand for support.

[11:08] Crash Coage: watching her in pain made him to suffer inside as he felt in a way all she did ,, he scurred over and grabbed a bowl ,, walking to the barrel where they had kept there water ,, he dipped the bowl and filled it with water ,, then stopping to realise she had kept a fish inside the barrel ,, he smiled to himself a little as he looked over to her ,, quickly he gatherd some more fire wood and set a roarinf fire going ,,, placing a pot over it ,, that he filled with water , ready to boil ,, knowing he would need the water he left it to boil ,,, returning to her ,, he wiped again around her face ,, then wiped over her chest ,, cleaning her of all the sweat once again ,, . Checking on the head again to see if it had shown ,, he looked up to her not seeing it ,,, thinking to himself the baby might have turned around inside her ,, from her loud cry`s ,,, his hands instantly started to feel over her bump to check where the legs were ,, feeling his thoughts was right ,, he went to his chest and took out the sharpist (A)

[11:11] Crash Coage: knife there was ,,, and walked over and placed it over the fire to heat up ,,, quickly returning to the med supplies ,, he looked through to find the healing salve ,, finding some he placed it out ready ,, he soon started to gather things around him ,, as he stripped off his hat and other clothes ,, and washed his hands and body with the hot water ,, using some cleansing fluids he has saw a healer use before ,, to make sure he was clean ,, returning to his mate ,, he whisperd the baby has turned inside you ,, we have only one choice left ,,

[11:16] Nocra Neuman She was nearly incoherent, unaware of the numerous cries shattering from her lips..echoing through the confines of the stone interior of the cave, their home, her source of security and seclusion. Tears peaked and crests over lids, falling over the dams they held them back until twin streams poured down the ivory moons of her cheeks falling against her breasts, uplifted between struggled breaths, splattering with the sound of a thousand splashes. The pain was worse than any torture she had ever felt before and she knew something was wrong...terribly wrong. An inner warning that alerted her senses. If he did not act soon, thier child would sufficate and die. Dread washed through her as pain was replaced by terror. Watching him prepare the knife and cleanse his hands she nodded weakly, her hand reaching upwards curling around his wrist as she cried out to him; "Don't let our child die...please..."

[11:18] Nocra Neuman: The energy spent was draining her quickly as she struggled into a more comfortable laying back upon the sweat damp furs wincing as she screamed once more. Her head thrashing from side to side as her fingertips curled into the furs, clenching, twisting as her mind drifted into madness. "Do whats needs bee done mate, i love yu..", she whispered in a distant voice, her mind felt detached from her body. <3

[11:26] Crash Coage: watching her in so much pain ,, knowing if he alone didnt act then she and his child would die ,, knowing he would have do do things right ,, he mind started to threat "I will ,,,,," ,,, his mind thinking desperatly back to birth`s he had witnessed ,, he walked out side the cave for a moment as a tear started to run down his face ,, he growled loudly trying to know what to do ,,, his arm tensed as he laid an uppercut on the rock ,, with enough power to have knocked a larl flat out ,, looking at his knuckles he saw blood seep from the middle 2 ,, knowing he had broken them on the solid rock ,,, hearinf his mate ,, his love ,, his life screaming in pain ,, he rushed back inside and cleaned up his hand as best he could , wrappign a little cloth around it ,, saving the healing salve for his mate ,,, he made once again his hands clean ,, then took the hilt of the knife and cleansed the sharpend blade ,,, rushing back he placed it with the rest ,, also gathering some thread and a needle ... he placed everything (A

[11:34] Crash Coage: to hand as he leaned into her one more time ,, "Know that i loved you from when i meet you ,,, whatever happens our fates will all be the same",, calming himself ready with the knife in his hand ,, he cleaned all over her stomach ,, and smeered some healing salve over ,, spreading it evenly ,, has he placed the knife to the skin over her whom ,,, her skin streatched thinly over her bump ,, he quickly pushed the knife down into her flesh and made a cut running down ,, having no equipment to use has a clamp ,, he unwouded hand quickly pushed through the slit and gripped around his daughter head ,, quickly pulling her out ,, to hear the 1st screams of his child ,, tears began to almost pour from his eyes ,, but knowing it wasnt over yet ,,, pulling out the after birth attached to the cord ,, he had to cut it ,, ,, holding the cord shut just above her belling ,, having to use his wounded hand ,, feeling his broken fingers crunch ,,, he quickly sliced through and sealed it with the hot blade ,, his daughter (B)

[11:40] Crash Coage: still tightly held against him in his arm ,,, he looked over her quickly making sure she had nothin broken ,, he held her close to his heart and made to himself a vow that he would protect her the same as he would his mate ,,, he softly kissed her head and looked to his love ,,, handed her ,, her new born daughter ,, tears falling from his face ,,, he quickly returned to her belly ,,using the clean cloth and water ,, he washed over her stomach and cleaned away the blood as best he could ,, using the boiled water ,,having let it cool a little ,, using all the healing salve there was he spread it along the slice he made ,, the cut looking a whole lot smaller now she was born ,,, he used the needle and thread to make stitch her up ,,, using all the cleansing supplies he knew of to make for sure there would be no infection ,, ,, taking some clean rep cloth ,, he wrapped it around her belly to cover the cut ,,,, placing the after birth and all the supplies he used to one side ,,, he looked over to his mate ,,,(C)

[11:43] Crash Coage: knowing she must be in alot of pain ,,, he made a quick prayer that he had down all correct ,,, washing away the blood off his hands ,, he returned to his mate`s side ,, and wiped her brow again ,, looking at her with complete love ,, then smiling as he looked down to his daughter ,, , "i love you mm his whisperd to his mate ,, then doing the same with his daughter ,,",, wrapping there daughter up in some clean furs ,,, he waited for a while for washing her ,,,

[11:48] Nocra Neuman Barely conscious, she watched him through heavy lids, raven lashes kissing her cheeks collecting beads of tears that blurred her vision. Her thoughts were hazy, drifting as she struggled to keep focus and panic at bay. The shadows cast by the ambient glow of candlelight washed over her softening her features as she lay limp, drained and dizzy...unable to move even through her body screamed for survival. Her gaze remained solely upon him, knowing how nervous and in pain he must be as well as he glanced towards her stomach, bowed against the weight of thier small child longing for life. As he pressed the edge of the blade against her flesh she cried out, screaming violenty with nothing to comfort or ease the pain that raged through her. Her spine arched as he slid his hand into her torn womb withdrawing thier child, and as she cried, the will to survive increased. It was the strongest drug that kept her alive...the vision of her mate holding thier daughter in his bloodstained arms.

[11:48] Nocra Neuman Her smile suddenly brightened the room as she stirred into a state of awareness, overpowered by the will and urge to hold the tiny squirming infant as he hugged and kissed his only child before gently laying her upon the soft cushion of her breasts as her arms lifted encircling the babe. Unable to contain the tears, rolling down her cheeks like glistening silvery steams. Her trembling fingertips swept over the babys soft cheek...the single action bonding them intantly. The tide of love so pure, unwaivering and unstoppable coursed through her as she craddled the wailing child, so beautiful there were no words to describe. She took no notice of the pain as he lover continued to tend to her own needs now by cleansing and stitching the gash along her torso...making certain she would remain with him and continue this path with him, a family. "I love much.." she whispered clearly in her softly accented tones as she spoke to them both in a single breath. <3

[11:56] Crash Coage: watching his mate drained ,, he placed some kanda leaves into his mouth and began to chew on them ,,untill they become into a mush like state ,, he reached and took them out his mouth and placed them slowly into her mouth ,,, feeling there bond increase more and more ,, he slowly opend the furs around there child and started to wash the blood off her tiny body ,, "She is beautifull",,,

[12:00] Nocra Neuman Her lips wrapped around his fingertip as he inserted it into her mouth, accepting at last the gift of kanda that would dull and numb the last remains of pain. Her womb still contracting as if her body was unaware that the child had already been delievered. It was a small relief but enough to push her through. Watching him washing their child she watched her father with dark curious hues. "She does not cry..." she murmured in slight amusement as ther childs attention remained upon his fingertips lightly washing the remains of blood from her pink limbs like a beast born already as a hunter. "What du yu wans tu name her?" she asked propping herself up on a single elbow.

[12:05] Crash Coage: his hand playing softly in his mate`s hair ,,, his finger curled up aling her locks ,, his eyes focuss upon his child ,,, a smile creeping onto his face "She will be called Cai" ,,,

[12:08] Nocra Neuman "Cai...", she cooed softly nuzzling thier child as she craddled her gently brushing the coral bud of her breast against the babys lips knowing she would need nutrients and energy in these first few ahn. Laying back against the furs she turned her cheek to the side gazing over her shoulder to her mate as he lay beside her, curling against him relaxing at last.

[12:13] Crash Coage: jumping off the bed ,, he gatherd up the after birth ,, knowing it was full of nutrients ,,, he returned to his mate and offerd her to eat it ,,, smiling at her sooo very very proud

[12:18] Nocra Neuman In truth she was famished and it was only natural that she should eat what he offered her as done by most wild beasts. Parting her lips she sank her teeth down into the blood and swallowed, eatting slowly as Cai continued to drink taking from her own body the nutrients and stores of energy she had been saving for this moment. A trickle of blood trickled at the corner of her mouth as she finished and gazed upwards to him with shadowy gems casting him a loving smile feeling more bonded to him than ever before.

[12:21] Crash Coage: watching her she started to bite into the afterbirth ,, a droplet of blood feel from her lips ,, as Cai seemed to turn and so she would catch it in her mouth ,,, knowing she would be the most awsome hunter the world has seen ,,, all the tricks and charm of her Pirate father ,, combined with the beast instints of her mother ,, she was for sure the perfect Hunter

[12:26] Nocra Neuman "She will bees perfect and easy to blend in like her father buts will be savage and wild as her mother." she murmured watching Cai drink the last droplets of blood and milk knowing it would be the most unique diet of any child on gor. "Mate, will you hunt later fores us? Nocra does nots tink she will be strong enough tonight."

Dom Challenges Ikati for Affa 7/5/09

[23:33] Nocra Neuman Stealthfully she crept into camp spotting Ikati blocking her path she halted and looked towards him. He had been absent as of late and her faith in his leadership abilities was beginning to falter. Now that her own mate had gained his status officially as a mamba, she was confident his strength was superior to that of the mamba ruler. Perhaps her view was bias considering she was claimed by him but knew that it was inevitable, eventually they would battle for control. She had witnessed it numerous times before growing up in the concealed tribes of the schendi jungles. "Sawubona Ikati..", she murmured, her tone respectful though doublesided.

[23:36] Domenico Paule glances at Gatsue, the Alfa of his tribe. He had felt in times such as these he would be far more content being the Alfa himself, making decsions which solely affected his people. Walking up to Gatsue, the crimson staining the skin around his mouth while the taste of iron lingered on his tounge. His facial features were hidden in the depths of the shadows, his mouth parted as he said in a confident tone, the beads of sweat slowly gathering up along the hairline on his forehead. "Ikati.. I challenge you for Alfaship." his hands clenched, stepping back a few steps his mind wandered, he didn't know how he would react so he was prepared for whatever was to come, his looked to the left and took a quick glance at his Mate before looking back...

[23:47] Ikati watches the two as they entered the small, secluded place cut out in he mountains. He grinned and beat his chest as they approached, having recently heard of Dom's initiation. "Sanibona." He listened to the challenge and laughed to himself. He thought the honorable approach that was taken, the approach of a tuusie, had been petty and already show his lack of ability. It was not the way of the Mamba. They believed in deception. Waiting until the time was right to strike. When the victim was relaxed and completely off guard. His own leadership had been claimed this way, as was that of the people before him. He looked over Dom's stature, studying him. He would not move for the first strike for that would be foolish. His mind taced through the many possibilities for the direction of the brawl that would inevitably break out from this. His eyes travelled between the two as he wondered how long the plan had been brewing. He looked back to Dom and smirked again, "You bees Tuusie. Tuusie bees nay-ver Mamba."
[23:52] He did not belive in Dom's ability. Not after he had shown that he was not truly a Mamba yet. His stance now moved onto the defensive and his mind took note of the smallest things about Dom's body; his stance, height, build. He was preparing more mentally then physically, planning to outsmart him rather then brute his way through him.

[23:53] Nocra Neuman The instant Dom had uttered the words, she stepped back not wishing to find herself trapped between them. She had witness these battles before between the mamba upon titles, over land, over each others mates or food...Rarely did they get along for long except when hunting or battling a common enemy. Like beasts, many had mimicked the traditions of displaying dominance over one another to settle disputes. Inching slowly back, she darted towards the nearest hut and climbed up onto the thatched roof to remain out of harms way but also still have a good view of what might occure. She listened to Ikati's taunting words as he attempted to provoke Dom to strike...and she knew it would work. Looking down to Dom she nodded her head in a sign of support waiting for the battle between them to begin.

[23:54] Eden Nexen dragged the bloody mass after her pushing the wines away as she entered, she looked aroud the place as she hasn't been in there yet and nodded at Dom and Nocra then over at the one she hasn't seen before. Bringing the body into the center of the clearing she dropped the blooded rope and wiped her hands on her kilt mumbling something under her breath she turned back to them and said, "Fresh meat, she's still warm.' the frowned at the wave of hostility between the males and quickly made her exit

[0:00] Domenico Paule watched Gatsue, after claiming Nocra as his Mate he had become much more familiar with the way they had uniquely attacked there prey. His disoriented hues studied Gatsue, his poise was far too confident and so was his tone; noting how relaxed his body was he hesitated to attack for a brief second. He allowed his body to become completely relaxed, looking at Nocra, he caught her gaze once more; the confidence quickly being absorbed through his own orbs before looking back to Gatsue and smirking rather maniacally, taking only a few slow, casual steps towards him.. He was of a smaller build and considered himself a bit more agile than the man who had crouched before him, relaxed and he had assumed ready to pounce on him at any given moment. As he looked at Gatsue he said in a low tone.. "Alfaship.. Will soon be mine." With his last words he bolted towards Gatsue, seeing his head tilted at a downwards angle and his body crouched he drove out his knee and attempted to drive it directly into his face.

[0:10] Ikati saw the knee coming before it had been thrown to his face, moving just quick enough to catch it only on his chin, the force still strong enough to drive his body back and stand him up. He was not stunned from it as he would have been if it had landed where Dom had intended. Ikati retaliated as quickly as he was struck, leaping back at him to tackle him to the ground. If successful, he would sink his teeth into any of the flesh he could get into his mouth, aiming the bites towards his shoulders, chest and arms.

[0:14] Nocra Neuman She was not..too..worried, the battle for power was intended to make the other yield whatever was being fought over. Rarely, had she seen it turn deadly. Normally one backed down before it got too far out of control. And while she knew all this, she could not help but gaze wide eyed down from her lofty perch as her breath was held. Finally forced to exhale, her hands gripped the sapplings that held the hut together for support. She wanted to rush upon Ikati herself as anger flooded through her veins like a toxic poison when she watched the alfa attempting to advance on her mate with a counterattack.

[0:19] Domenico Paule felt his knee connect with Ikati's chin, grunting out of frustration as it didn't smash into his nose. As he watched him stand, it was as if he had tackled him right after. Recognizing his intentions at the last second, he felt his body quickly thrown to the ground, he was in a position most feared. Feeling the sharp fangs grip into his chest he growled, the blood slowly trickling down his flesh as he awaited a chunk of flesh to be pulled. He now had his own crafted weapons, tilting his head upwards he attempted to bite in the Alfa's shoulder, simultanously he would interlock his leg with his and roll, now attempting to gain top position, his intentions on driving his fist into the mans nose.

[0:26] Ikati struggled as he began to roll, digging his teeth deeper into the chest and making the wound deeper, finally jerking his head back in a final moment to rip the flesh fromt he rest of his body. If this battle were not to the death, it would be close. Always had the tribes he had been in escalated things as he did. He was desperate to hold onto his leadership at whatever his cost. He was rolled onto his back and quickly jerked his head forward towards Dom, attempting to catch him in the nose and break it before the next move was made.

[0:31] Domenico Paule didn't even scream, the adrenaline quickly ran it's course through his body. Expecting a headbutt, he quickly jerked his head to the side and felt it connect with his cheek. Instantly he attempted to slam his elbow into Gatsue's throat, if he managed he would then visciously attempt to sink his teeth into the inner portion of the mans bicep as if he were thirsty for blood, he was stradelling his body and now he was pinned on his back. He didn't look over at his Mate but she dwelled in his mind, giving him the extra strength he would need to carry on past normal 'tussie' limits.

[0:33] Nocra Neuman She physically had to restrain herself from leaping down and aiding in the attack against Ikati, but she knew her assistance would not be well recieved by Dom despite her intentions to aid him. This was his challenge, his battle and would be his victory. Her entire body was shuddering, it was almost unbearable to witness him being hurt and each blow given from the alfa to her mate could nearlby be felt herself. They fought so soundlessly, neither one willing to show signs of weakness or was impressive to witness.

[0:39] Ikati took the blow to the throat, but seeing the chance to strike he swung to Dom's face, turning his body with the swing to add power, turn off his back, and avoid the teeth which were lunging towards his bicep. If the punch made connection, Ikati would be half turned already and simply jerk the rest passed Dom's crouch. If it did not make contact, the turning would easily follow through, allowing him to lay on his stomach. He would press his left knee up first in his chest, then, with pressure from his arms, rock his hips back onto his other knee so that he would get a solid four point base which he would use simply to get Dom off of him. This left him completely open to attacks.

[0:47] Domenico Paule felt the blow to the face, seeing as his body was turned he quickly reached behind his back and pulled the loosely sheathed dagger from it's sheath and attempted to repeatedly drived the hilt of the dagger into Ikati's head, knocking him unconcious. It was a swift move if it wasn't countered, most had never noticed the dagger which hung loosely strung from his belt. The wound at his chest began pulsing and the blood began to flow rather than drip down his flesh, the skin would quickly become stained in the glistening crimson. His breathe was rigid and the echoe's of the fire continued to vibrate off the walls, it was the only source of light which aided them during this brutal battle.

[0:52] Ikati lay now, unconciouse from the repeated blows to the back of his skull. His body was limp and he now gave no struggle. The title of Alfa was now his. He had rightfully earned it. Ikati had made his mistake, but he would not rest at this. He would take it back in the future.

[0:55] Nocra Neuman Her nuckles were white and her palms were raw from gripping the poles so harshly. Unable to bear it any longer she lept down from her throne and darted into her hut gathering a few crude healing supplies to prepare to aid as soon as she could. In one hand she held a bone carved needle and thread, in the other a folded leaf containing a dab of healing salve mixed with black pepper to stop the bleeding. As soon as Ikati fell unconcious, she raced to Doms side and busied herself with tending his wounds...proudly attending to her duties as his mate. Satisfied that they would be alright, she found a roll of rep bandage and wrapped them around the sources of the wounds to protect them from the elements while he rested. Finally she licked the blood from her hands and gazed towards him before pressing a kiss upon his lips...her mate...her alfa.

Dom's Initiation 7/5/09

[20:30] Domenico Paule finally comes to the camp, seeing the man behind, tight on a leash he quickly grabs him by the hair with a firm grasp, looking deep into his eyes before saying in a low tone. "Well.. Today is your lucky day.." He moves towards the cross before sticking his foot out, tripping him before harshly throwing his body against the cross. "Make this easier on yourself and don't struggle.." was all he simply said in a low yet serious tone. Moving to his hands he pulled them up above his head and began wrapping fiber around them and the cross, pulling tightly before tying off a secure double gorean knot.

[20:32] Nocra Neuman Her gaze roamed over the man in bindings that Dom had led into the camp. Her tainted smile broadened as she looked upon the warrior. He was tall and clearly muscular and she felt a sudden pang of pride ripple through her knowing Dom had done well to capture such a man. Knowing that had she been the one to down him ther would have been no possible way of dragging him alone back to Nykus. While Dom busied himself with securing his catch upon the cross, she headed off into her hut gathering the tools which she would need to preform his Initiation. Collecting a series of small metal files wrapped in leather and a bota of water she headed over to the fire to clean them making sure that they would be sharp enough to complete the task ahead.

[20:32] Spackle Magic grunted as he was pulled over open ground and into the cave like openening.. his eyes looked around the clearing and panic welled deep inside him, this wasnt a good situation.. his muscles strained as his powerful arms pulled at the bindings but they were secure.. his eyes narrowed and he willed himself to calmn as he attempted to think more clearly... he looked down at the small woman and noted the way she moved and the blood on her.. he caught a glimpse of her jagged teeth . it was then it hit him, these were the dreaded mambas. he had never seen them before and now was in their grasp.. his muscles tensed as the man grabbed his hair with surprising strength and he looked into his eyes as the man's face neared his and he spoke.. he knew showing fear of any sort would be fuel for the fire.. he grunted as the man tripped him and his hard body hit the cross with force, knocking the air from his lungs.. he was a bit stunned. his large hands clenched and released as the man forced them up and into the
[20:33] Spackle Magic: he shook his head and spoke in what he hoped was a calmning tone "so you are mamba" even to himself this comment seemed absurd, but it was what came to mind.. the only thing that seemed to come to mind as dread threatened to overwhelm

[20:40] Domenico Paule laughed as he listened to the man speak, the question was rather absurd but he kept the comment to himself. His icey hues looking deep into the depths of the mans own gaze, surveying them for any present fear as it would only add to the excitment. Saying in a low tone, almost a whisper he simply said. "No... Not yet.." those last words would echoe through Spackles mind frantically, that was only if he knew what was ahead. Looking over to Nocra, he had seen her preparing the files; a million thoughts running through his mind. 'Would this hurt?' He always wondered about how excrutiating the pain would be, others had almost considered it unbearable. Leaning down he slowly unclasped each buckle on the mans boots before yanking off the left and tossing it aside, then the right. Walking casually over to Nocra, he set his hand on her shoulder from behind and asked her softly. "Are you almost ready?"

[20:43] Nocra Neuman The heat of the fire seemed so intense yet comforting as she crouched beside the basin of charred and smouldering embers. The files reflecting the shafts of light making the crude devices seem even more intimidating. She waited patiently for Dom to finish securing the man and arranged a cushion for him to rest upon. The process would be a painful one for him, yet if she could endure it in the past...she felt no doubts that he could as well. Watching him walking towards her, a tremor of excitement swept through her veins like the evening tide of the thassa crashing against the shore. She had been waiting for this moment for what had seemed like an eternity. To finally see him gain full status in the tribe. Already her mind was plotting, knowing that her own status in the tribe would improve and that he could easily overthrow Itaki as alfa.
[20:44] Nocra Neuman A sinister smile framed her lips as she nodded and gestured for him to sit. Leaving the captive a few moments of silence for him to reflect upon the life he had lived before it would soon be taken form him.

[20:46] Spackle Magic felt a chill ripple through him as he heard the laugh.. his eyes remained rivited on the man's cold eyes as he spoke.. his own coffee colored orbs showed no expression but inside he was in turmoil.. fear, dread and panic combinded to create a tumultuous cocktail of emotion.. he took a deep breath and shook his head slowly as if saying his own not yet .. his lips never moved as his head fell back against the rough wood .."no.. not yet... no... not yet" no not yet for what? he felt bile rise in his throat as it became clear to him he was to be eaten.. that's what these people did, they ate human flesh. he swallowed hard as the man moved toward the small woman and his eyes were rivited on the two as they gathered near the fire. his brow furrowed as he noticed the small files laid out beside the woman and craned his neck to see what would happen.. disbelief coursed through him and he said a silent prayer to Odin that his was some strange nightmare and he would soon awake

[20:54] Domenico Paule sat down slowly on the coushin, almost as if he were going to get up and bolt out of the camp, but something kept his ass firm on that soft pillow. Looking deep into her nocturnal hues, he glanced slowly at the captive once more before allowing a dark chuckle to escape his throat, these were the last two who would see him as a 'tussie' that is with aligned, straight and blunt teeth. Looking to Nocra, he indicated that he was ready. Setting his elbows on his knees, he crossed his arms togeather and rested his chin on the top of his forearm in a much more comfortable positon. His lips curled in and exposed all of his teeth, he hoped that the enamel would flake away rather easily against the flared files... His hands clentched togeather and sweat began to eagerly bead up upon his flesh, glazing it with a glistening dew.

[20:59] Spackle Magic watched as his captor sat down on the soft cushion. his eyes squinted a bit as he attempted to determine what was going on.. he saw a flash of white as the man's teeth were exposed and wondered if the woman intended to treat the teeth in some way.. the muscles in his powerful forearms bunched as he pulled hard at the bindings, perhaps he could get away while they were occupied near the fire... a low growl of frutration rumbled deep in his chest as the shackles held true.. no give.. no escape

[21:01] Nocra Neuman She remembered the night of her own intiation so long ago. Her teeth had been filed right after reaching adolescence once all the baby teeth had been replaced by those of adulthood. Vividly recalling the amount of pain she had had to endure to officially become a full member of their cannibalistic society. Her stomach churned at the thought of inflicting him pain, of all people he was her mate. Normally she was emotionless when it came to the suffering of others, trained to feel no source of pity for the plight of another. It was not even uncommon for mamba to turn upon each other if it meant saving their own skin or advancing in rank. As he sat down upon the cushion she shifted over to his side and reached upwards to guide his head back until it lay upon the flats of her heated thighs. Wordlessly she stroked the side of his cheek in a display of affection, raven hues focused upon his offering her own strength fo him to draw upon.
[21:01] Nocra Neuman The tip of her finger flowed over his lips then inserted into his mouth forcing his jaws to widen and expose the twin rows of glistening teeth that reflected the light like a string of pearls embedded into his gums. Raising the file, she poised it against the back molars and began the tedious process of honing them into sharpened points. Carefully she worked trying to do so quickly....every few ehn she paused allowing him to spit the dust from his mouth and rinse before continuing. It took several ahn to complete the task and get them perfectly angled. Moving on to the canines then lastly finishing with the incisors. Once finished, she cleaned his mouth fully and rinsed away the final flakes beofre pressing upon his lips a kiss of encouragement. There was now only one step left in the process for him to claim his rights as a mamba. Her gaze slowly turned to the captive as her sickening smile darkened.

[21:07] Spackle Magic watched in a mixture of disbelief and horror as the mans teeth were filed to fine points.. FILED.. he fought down the bile rising in his throat as the man spat out tooth dust and blood time and again.. the pain must have been unbearable .. someone so desensitised would show him no mercy.. his pulling of the binding cuffs became frantic and sweat broke out over his body as he struggled like trapped animal

[21:17] Domenico Paule slowly allowed his head to fall back into her thighs, she was so small but as he looking into her eyes he meerly felt the courage being absorbed into his own person. His mind was running frantically, as the fire echoed throughout the mountainous walls of the camp he began sweating profusely. Feeling her finger gently press against his lips, he expected a kiss but suddenly his mouth was forced open, the cavity like a black hole as he awaited for the metal file to grind away at the enamel on his teeth. Feeling the metal inserted into his mouth, he closed his eyes... as he felt it drag along his molars he grunted and groaned without hesitation, he was a man, a warrior and a leader but it would have been nearly impossible to hide the pain. His facial expression twisted and contorted, the sound like nails on a chalkboard only driving him that much further into insanity but before he knew it his molars and canines had been completely filed into sharp points, (c)
[21:17] Domenico Paule: (c) her graceful movements were like a form of art, as if she were sculpting him to her own liking. As he felt the cool water flow into his mouth, he held it there for a moment before spitting it out, it felt like tin foil against a cavity at first but it quickly soothed the pain. Looking deep into his mates eyes, he brutally forced a smile to his lips before spitting the liquid to the side, the fragments of shattered teeth mixed with the water, dust and shards. He opened his mouth again, As he felt the metal touch his incisors, he gripped into her thighs unwillingly, his nails digging into her flesh but he didn't even realize. A single tear came to the corner of his mouth, it was construed from emotion and pain, his affection for her easily showed and so did the rigorous hurt. It felt as if Ahn's had gone by, but only a few actually did... He took in the last bit of water as she retracted the file from his mouth swirling it around and gargling it before spitting it out... (c)
[21:17] Domenico Paule: (c) Watching her set the file down he knew that she was finally finished.. He closed his mouth and felt the tips of his newly sharpened teeth dig into his tounge, grunting he opened as if he had forgot, it was a mistake that was not to be made again, the blood tasted...good. Feeling her kiss he smiled before pushing off the ground and standing to his feet, he slowly began walking over towards his captive, a laugh of insanity escaping plush lips as his icey hues turned nocturnal, staring upon his prey. (e)

[21:21] Nocra Neuman Lifting suddenly she rocked back like a flower blossoming beneath the heat of his gaze, her body shifted like a predatory being circling and stalking her prey as she spun around the fire. Her small frame lept over the lapping flames, twisting and turning as she darted over the hot coals in a tribal dance. Her hands curled like talons, scratching at the moons hidden above...restlessly and dangerously prowling like a hungry savage beast as she mimicked the movements of the tharlarion..the being that the mamba people had adapted themselves after. They were superior to goreans, higher on the food chain! They were fearless, cunning, barbaric...they instilled fear and terror into the hearts of many...into the heart of this captive who would soon lose his. Her head was thrown back as she continued the dance, her figure weaving through light and shadow as she spun wildly, her hair becoming unbound as strands lashed against her bare spine like the crack of a whip.
[21:21] Nocra Neuman Her feet pounded against the bloodstained ground as her body almost seemed to move in unearthly jerking but fluid motions. Suddenly her head was thrown back, teeth bared as she released a pent of aggressive cry like the catterwaul of unknown beasts then shouted in her rich schendi jungle accent; "Vusa amakhosi! Vusa amdlozi bo! Izwe lethu! Izwe lethu! Mhlaba wethu! Busa lomhlaba wethu. Tsatsi lahao lefihlile!" Her words roughly translating in gorean to sing; "Wake the ancestors. Wake the spirits. This land is ours. The land of the people. Soil of the people. Rule this land of ours. Your day has come!"

[21:24] Spackle Magic slowly shook his head in disbelief as he watched the scene conclude.. he quickly schooled his expression to show none of the panic and fear that was welling inside him.. his chest tightened and he found it difficult to breathe normally as the man approached him with the horrid jagged teeth... his eyes drifted over to the small woman dancing some tribal pas near them before panning back to meet the crazed gaze of his captor.. he knew then he was drawing his last breaths on Gor and soon .. very soon.... his life would end at the hands of these mad creatures.. he noted the blood on the man's hands and the heart tied to the woman's arm .. he lowered his head for an ihn before lifting it again proudly.. he looked into the man's eyes once again and spoke clearly, no emotion just a statement "you are mad" he nodded as if to emphasise the words .. he took a deep breath.. he would not beg for mercy that was clearly not fothcoming.. he had nothing more to say

[21:31] Domenico Paule lifted one of the rather large sacks of salt that were next to the barrel of Paga, walking over to the man he placed it over his legs before picking up yet another one and doing the same, stacking two on top of the mans legs, pinning him there. His prey was completely helpless, he didn't insert a gag, he wanted the screams to echoe throughout Nykus. He slowly withdrew his dagger from behind his back, the metal could be heard as it scratched against the sheath. An insane grin washing over his lips as he placed the flat edge of the blade against the mans lips.. "Don't be afraid... Your screams will soon be slienced.." He said, staring directly into the mans eyes he flashed his newly sharpened razor tipped fangs. ..

[21:34] Nocra Neuman She continued with the barbaric dance, her role completed with the filing of his teeth and now there was only her mate and his captive left to conclude the ceremony. Energy surged through her veins flooding her system with a rush of adreniline. Over the crashing sounds of her feet thundering against the pounded earth and the echo of her song reverberating from the mountains she cried out once more, this time the words raising in pitch and tongue and blended in with the returning calls of beasts roaming through the trees nearby. "Bayede baba. Siyakubongela! Shwele Domenico! We indodana ye sizwe sonke! Uzo libusa...Sikhokhele bo! Tsatsi lahao lefihlile!" Her chant was one of encouragement, to prove that she knew her mate held the strength to walk the line and cross it. To become what she was and more. She had sung; "We salute you. We are grateful to you. Hail to Domenico. You will rule....lead us! Your time has come!"

[21:36] Spackle Magic watched as if from a great distance as the man hefted bags of salt, placing them on his legs... trapped.. he was thorougly trapped and at the mercy of those who knew no mercy.. he ceased his struggles for he knew that they were futile and would only give pleasure to the man about to kill him.. he vaguely recalled animals he had killed for food and wondered if they felt this fear as well before their death.. he carefully kept his eyes devoid of expression but was unable to quiet the frantic beating of his heart.. his skin was flushed and his belly tensed.. beads of sweat formed on his upper lip and sheened his body as the man's dagger was unsheathed... he felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand as the man neared him with the insane grin baring hideously sharpened teeth.. he took a long deep breath, knowing it would be among his last as he looked into face of madness.. the man's eyes were unaturally bright.. crazed... he heard the woman nearby and her song made his skin crawl.. he wondered
[21:37] Spackle Magic: somewhere in the back of his mind how many had gone through this terrifying death before him.. he closed his eyes and braced himself for his fate as prayers to Odin raced through his fear clouded mind

[21:53] Domenico Paule looked at his dagger in a murderous fashion, he was one who was rather artistic with his work; clean. As he tilted his head to the side, the shadows easily hid his complextion. He pondered for a moment before raising the dagger without hesitation, he looked over at his Mate, her body danced in such a graceful and tribal fashion. Grasping the blade, a dark and horribley sadistic smile washed over his face like the morning tide.. He placed the tip of the dagger against the mans chest before pushing in, he made sure not to penetrate any of the main arteries or veins just yet, he surely didn't want him to die on him. He slowly began to slice through each of the three layers of skin, first the epidermis, then dermis, and finally subcutaneous tissue before pushing aside the intercoastal muscles with finger. He continued to cut until the outline of a rather large and detailed square appeared.. the thoracic cavity falling onto the mans lap as if it were one board.. (c)
[21:53] Domenico Paule: (c) He grinned as his satanic hues studied the man's insides.. The blood didn't pour, he slowly pushed aside the mans bronchiel tubes before spotting the heart, he spotted it and didn't have to think twice.. It resembeled the one on his Mates arm. He took gentle care as he held the heart in his hand, it pulsed and the beat began to grow faster and faster. He gently pulled the heart out, the veins and arteries stretching like rubberbands as he made sure to keep it intact. He glanced over at his mate and then to the heart, looking one last time into the eyes of his captive.. He leaned down, ripping without hesitation as he felt each vein and artery slowly pluck off of the heart, the left and right pulmonary veins squirting blood relentlessly out of each side as the right and left ventricle continued to beat within his grasp.. He held the heart in one hand, rasing it towards the sky before brining the pulsing organ to his mouth, it opened and he quickly sunk his teeth into it expecting to chew, (c)
[21:53] Domenico Paule: (c) but his sharp fangs ripped right through it... His mouth quickly filled with blood, it dripped from the corners of his mouth while he continued to swallow large chunks of the heart whole. The aorta and superior vena cava were the last bits left intact in his hand, he thrusted it into his mouth and chewed, his razor sharp teeth shredding it into small fragments as he gulped it down and swallowed the last peice of the heart whole.. (e)

[21:58] Nocra Neuman /me Her body lurched forward, tipping towards the ground before her spine arched and bent back like a tauntly string bow. Her hips swung and rocked effortlessly in an almost alluring manner, like a seductive siren calling to the men out to sea leading them to their deaths with unspoken promises of sinful pleasure. Beads of sweat dampened her flesh, each droplet catching the light to glimmer upon her form like a cloak of precious jewels that highlighted and accented each shapely curve. Her limbs tensed like a coiled spring before she lept high into the air, once more hurling her small body over the sparking flames then landed harshly upon the ground at the other side as if she were chasing some unseen prey. She felt no remorse for the conclusion of the captives fate, having long since grown desensitized to such things. She had witnessed and partaken in thise ceremonies for countless years but none had ever held more personal meaning to her. This was the initiation of her mate.
[21:58] Nocra Neuman Once more a flurry of excitement buffeted her senses and the maddening tempo of her untame dance increased. She needed no instruments to guide her movements, relying upon the drumming of her own footsteps, the hissing and cracking sounds of burning wood in the fire, the uneven beat of the mans heart and the ragged breaths that surge from his lungs in rasping intervals. Orbs as dark as the moonless night radiated her pride and devotion as her head swung in the direction of the men, curiously watching for the next step that would finally conclude the ceremony and begin the feast. The instant that he plunged the blade in a downwards arch, she held her breath and then a cheer erupted from her lips and she bounded quickly over to him. The frenzy and bloodlust only fueling her mounting excitement.
[21:59] Nocra Neuman "Umyeni wami...Isithando sam.", she cooed before tipping her head upwards to kiss him, my love, she had uttered. The warm blood trickled over her lips, tainting the kiss as the taste of the unnamed mans blood invaded her mouth and blended with dom and her own combination of saliva.

[22:01] Spackle Magic gritted his teeth as he felt the razor tip of the blade against his warm skin, his eyes opened slowly and he looked up to meet the madman's gaze.. he had never turned from things.. never shut his eyes to pain and fear, but rather he faced them as a fighter.. a warrior and with pride and dignity. he caught his breath as the blade sliced into his skin, the pain wasnt as he expected, the blade was sharper,more intense.. this was pain like any he had ever imagined. he grunted and moaned as the first layer of flesh was carved holding back his screams, knowing the screams would intensify the man's pleasure... as the man began to carve muscle he screamed in spite of his resolve, unable to hold back.. his head fell against the wood cross with a resounding crack but the pain in his chest far outweighed anything else which could have happened to him. his head thrashed from side to side and he struggled as his flesh and bone were cut with precision. he looked on in horror as bone and flesh were pulled away from
[22:07] Spackle Magic: his body like some macabre door. more screams ripped from him as the man pulled his heart out of his chest in an almost gentle fashion. the blood pulsed feeding his organs and keeping him alive.. he watched as his heart beat.. his eyes filled now with horror and incredulty.. pain enveloped him, he knew nothing but pain in fact.. his mind refused to process what he was watching as the man plucked the beating heart from his chest cavity.. he was in shock but fully conscious.. blood still fed his brain and he was conscious and could see as the man sunk his hideous teeth into the beating heart to devour it.. his brain began to be blood starved as the man consumed the final pieces of his heart.. nothing made sense, but the pain was mercifully over.. he stared with glassy eyes as he watched the last of his heart swallowed.. his eyes looked down at the door to his body lying in his lap so neatly extracted.. colors burst in front of his eyes just before the darkness came to claim him.. his head fell to rest
[22:07] Spackle Magic: chin against chest as his body gave itself up .. his eyes were open and glassy, his fingers and frame limp.. he was no more

[22:10] Domenico Paule stood as the reminents of blood outlined his lips, the crimson staining his hand and the scent of iron was stronger than he had ever smelled. As he watched his Mate gracefully dance her way over to him he smiled and embraced her by opening his arms, only kissing her back as the blood transferred onto her own lips; he was a Mamba now, no longer and initiate. He gently set his arm around his mate, draping it over her shoulders as he stared one last time at the man who had done something for him that no other 'tussie' will have the chance to ever do.